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Schwepper Company from Velbert Germany, known by their GSV symbol have been creating marine grade hardware for yachts since they were established in 1872. Fast forward to 1980, Safeguard Lock in Fort Lauderdale were approached by many yacht owners and crew to replace the door hardware on their boats as many of them in North America were being built with standard household hardware with steel and pot metal components that would corrode in the salt air environment.

After an extensive search throughout the world, they found Schwepper and became their Exclusive US Representatives. Not long after, The Brass Works was launched to focus on the marine industry separately from Safeguard Lock.

The Brass Works first yacht building customer was Burger Boat Company who were coincidentally founded by German owners in the United States in 1863.

Present day, The Brass Works has a long history of working with all of the best yacht builders in North America and supplying to shipbuilders who are working overseas.

We work with Designers, OEM Builders, Naval Architects, Carpentry Woodworkers and Shipyards providing the high quality Schwepper locksets and combining them with the best designer hardware options such as Olivari, JATEC (Jado), Reguitti, Turnstyle Designs, SA Baxter, Serdanelli, Intersteel, Valli Valli and many more. We have also worked with designer to create custom handle designs for discerning yacht owners.

Due to our locksmithing background, we can create Grand Master Key Systems and co-ordinate with joiner companies and exterior watertight door manufacturers to have a concise keyed system to meet the owner’s preferences for security.

The Brass Works provides aftermarket support on Schwepper products and designer hardware so we are always ready to help if you need to replace a single item or change the style and finish of the existing hardware when doing a remodel.

We are familiar with a wide range of manufacturers and stock the most commonly needed replacement parts for FRC (Razetto and Casaretto) from Italy and TrioVing from Norway. No matter what you door or cabinet hardware needs are; we hope you will give us the opportunity to work with you!

We have been the exclusive U.S. Distributor for Schwepper Company in Germany for 30 years and they have been producing Door and Cabinet Hardware for the Marine and Shipbuilding Industry since 1872. We stock a wide range of top quality 100% non-ferrous hardware in Stainless Steel as well as Brass in our DeLand Florida warehouse.