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In 1999 The Brass Works was contacted by Jamestown Metal Marine to provide the US Navy with a more durable door lock system for the Virginia Class Submarines. Our 100% stainless steel 3811 series mortise locks were adopted by the Navy and have continued in service with a flawless record.

The Navy wanted the lever handles to be closer to the door surface due to the tight quarters in the submarines. We produced a lever handle that is cut back to less than 2” above the door face.

To date Newport News Shipyard and Electric Boat have produced 30 of the Virginia Class Nuclear Submarines and they will continue to be built until 2043.

In 2003 The Brass Works began a partnership with Austal USA to supply the door hardware for the Hawaiian Super Ferry Project. The ferries are currently owned by the U.S. Navy.

Our successful partnership led to Austal choosing The Brass Works to provide the door hardware for the 127-meter Trimaran, LCS (Littoral Combat Ships) in 2006. To date we have supplied the door hardware to Austal USA for all 30 of the LCS.

In 2008 we partnered with Austal again for 103-meter Catamaran, EPF (Expeditionary Fast Transport). The EPF were originally known as the JHSV (Joint High-Speed Vessels). Austal has built 14 to date.

Security – Grand Masterkey Systems

Every one of the above vessels have their door security controlled by grand masterkey systems administered by The Brass Works. Each system is unique to the vessel and allows for control of access to areas and specific doors. Although personnel on each ship rotate, The Brass Works is the constant administrator and supplier of keys and cylinders for the vessels. To ensure the integrity of each system, The Brass Works has established controls and procedures approved by the US Navy. The Brass Works maintains a detailed history of any changes to the systems aboard each vessel.

We have been the exclusive U.S. Distributor for Schwepper Company in Germany for 30 years and they have been producing Door and Cabinet Hardware for the Marine and Shipbuilding Industry since 1872. We stock a wide range of top quality 100% non-ferrous hardware in Stainless Steel as well as Brass in our DeLand Florida warehouse.